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Battered Animals Agency website. We help financially strapped rescuers with buying food, prescription medications, veterinarian costs, flea treatments, transportation to spay/neuter  immunization clinics, and necessary grooming. 

The rescuers we work with need help because their source of financing has been severely depleted or altogether eliminated. They wish not to deny their pet's needs but sometimes lack the resources to do the full job---and that's where we come in.

City and county shelters routinely euthanize abandoned animals. We do not believe this method is totally necessary. We believe in helping the rescuers take care of their pets when times are rough; to not let their pets go to animal shelters; and to not abandon them altogether for the Animal Control Division to deal with. Keeping abandonment from happening is at the root of our very cause.


Due to the budget constraints and city officials slashing a vital branch of resourcing we regret to inform you that incidences of "putting pets down" will increase until something is changed for the better. Meanwhile please dig a little deeper into your pocket to help ensure that someone's pet under our care will not be lost in the system and subsequently victimized by pet overpopulation and the budget cuts. 

We believe it will be a win/win situation with your generous donation. Give what you are able to give. Your donation is much appreciated.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.




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