We recently had a complaint filed against us with the Attorney General's Office (Consumer Protection Division). There was no reason for this ( the complainer admitted there were no damages but the reason for filing the complaint was to shut us down if our paperwork was not in order), The AG's office is required by law to investigate all complaints, even the most frivolous. The complainer commented that we weren't registered with Guidestar, a website-based company that lists reputable charitable organizations for a fee. The complainer also stated that we left behind an "unsophisticated" flyer. Of course it was unsophisticated--we are scraping the bottom of the barrel...or we wouldn't need to be asking for help. The complainer also stated that they are professional fundraisers themselves and because we are new and quite obviously unheard of they assumed we are crooks out to scam the good citizens of Indianapolis. That is miles from the truth. We are diligently trying to dot our i's and cross our t's pertaining to legalese matters. It's daunting. This complainer, perhaps unknowingly, could very well close our doors and cause the demise of some loving animals. We can only hope that our donation collection efforts are even more successful in the near future. These dogs are perpetually forsken, perpetually abandoned, perpetually abused, perpetually unloved, and they deserve none of this. Please, let us retain the freedom to ask for the help we so badly need. Thank you.