New Dog on the List

February 29, 2012
If you want to donate towards getting a dog the vet care it might need please consider helping "Doogan', a Sharpei/Lab mix. Thank you. 


January 11, 2012
We are sorry for the wrong number. The correct number to the Eastside Animal Hospital is (317) 547-3523.

Eastside Animal Hospital

January 11, 2012

We are currently in the process of setting up an account at the Eastside Animal Hospital (5900 E. Massachusetts) near Arlington St. and 34th St on the northeast side of Indianapolis that enables you to directly help with the cost of vet care. You can call them at (317) 444-1111 and request to donate money using your debit or credit card towards the veterinary care of any of the following dogs: Thank you!

Cecil Guthrie
Beeble Guthrie.



Moved On

December 12, 2011
Mojo's family moved out of town and we are therefore unable to continue helping him. We hope they can find help where eever they go. we are now trying to see to it that a dog named Benji gets treatment for a hip/back ailment.

Squiggy Passed On

November 12, 2011

We couldn't raise enough in time to get the medical treatment Squiggy needed. The tumor on his leg was cancerous and ithad spread to his bowel. He died from several causes including infection and internal bleeding.
He was taken to a vet for euthanasia several days ago. The cost to put Squiggy down was $180. The charge was for euthanasia and cremation. The owner wanted but could not afford to keep Squiggy's ashes as the expense would've been around 300 additional dollars.
We are happy that Squiggy died surrounded by the people that loved him and cared for him and we will be forever grateful to the kind folks that pulled money out of their pockets to help a dog that they did not know. the Battered Animals Agency is now concentrating on a fund raiser for another dog that is in danger of being put on the wayside in a time of need. His name is Mojo and he could use some help. We do not want any more pets to die if there is a chance to save them.
Thank you very much for your generosity.



September 16, 2011
We are still unable to meet Squiggy's total needs but we will, especially with the help of people like the young lady on south Sheridan Ave. Thank you for helping so generously!


July 25, 2011
To you wonderful folks on Bancroft north of New York and south of St. Clair: Thank you for being so generous the other day.

Homecrofters and Southporters

June 24, 2011
You people are tremendous dog lovers and heartfelt givers. You are giving our budget a boost and Squiggy and others are going to reap the kindness you good folks have shown. thank you very much!


June 18, 2011
We will be in and around the Homecroft sub-division for the next few days. So far we have encountered nothing but the nicest and most giving people. Thank you Homecrofters!

Irvington is the Best Neighborhood in the State

June 17, 2011
Thank you very much Irvingtoners. The surgery fee is almost raised thanks to you kind folks. Especially the generous couple with the baby Pythons on University Avenue. You guys rock! (Watch the snake teeth).


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