May 18, 2011

We recently had a complaint filed against us with the Attorney General's Office (Consumer Protection Division). There was no reason for this ( the complainer admitted there were no damages but the reason for filing the complaint was to shut us down if our paperwork was not in order), The AG's office is required by law to investigate all complaints, even the most frivolous. The complainer commented that we weren't registered with Guidestar, a website-based company that lists reputable charitable organizations for a fee. The complainer also stated that we left behind an "unsophisticated" flyer. Of course it was unsophisticated--we are scraping the bottom of the barrel...or we wouldn't need to be asking for help. The complainer also stated that they are professional fundraisers themselves and because we are new and quite obviously unheard of they assumed we are crooks out to scam the good citizens of Indianapolis. That is miles from the truth. We are diligently trying to dot our i's and cross our t's pertaining to legalese matters. It's daunting. This complainer, perhaps unknowingly, could very well close our doors and cause the demise of some loving animals. We can only hope that our donation collection efforts are even more successful in the near future. These dogs are perpetually forsken, perpetually abandoned, perpetually abused, perpetually unloved, and they deserve none of this. Please, let us retain the freedom to ask for the help we so badly need. Thank you.


Nice Day Up north around 75th & College.

May 18, 2011
Thank you to the few that made up the difference.

Ms. Gharrett................................................$25
Topper F.....................................................$10
Suzanne R...................................................$10

and thanks goes out to the many that gave what they could.

Disappointing Day

May 16, 2011
We had a rough fund raiser on Friday May the 13th. Perhaps it was caused by the 13th. But for whatever reason the good people of the Arden area (71st & College to 71st and Penn.) were a bit put off by our visiting. Of course we come unannounced and we are asking for a few dollars but  it was as if we were asking for much more. The rudeness was almost palpable. We regret bothering anyone who was genuinely offended or outright scared by our representatives. We like to think that we just came at the wrong time. We had one donor; Amy A........................$10. Thank you Amy!

Fostering and Adoption

May 13, 2011
We will look for homes for certain animals where there is no choice. Puppies especially. So if you are looking for free puppies contact us. Please remember that we will do a home inspection to make sure you are ready and able to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet. Thank you.


May 13, 2011
There have been some inquiries about our organization's name. We wanted it to be catchy. But, "battered" might be a bit of a misnomer. Although some animals are battered, just like women and children are battered, we are not dealing with battered animals. we want them kept in the loving homes they are in now. If we cannot continue to raise enough funds there is a distinct possibility that some of these pets will go  to shelters (or the streets) where the possibility of being battered (or euthanized) exists. For humans moving to a new area, divorce, and loss of a loved oneare major stress factors some people cannot handle too well. What do you think happens to a pet that is forced to undergo a transfer, a move to another home or city? How is it going to feel in a shelter. It has to be like jail. We will do anything to keep this from happening.

Arden area

May 13, 2011
Even though we encountered many 'No Solicitor' signs we had a moderately successful day in the 71st and College area.

Mark N...................................$10
Julia S....................................$10
M. Fedder...............................$5

and to the several who donated what they could, we and the dogs thank you.

Paying Bills

May 11, 2011
Ms. Susan Guthrie's utility bills were paid today. The IPL, Citizen's Gas, Indy Water, and AT&T were all behind and we stepped in where others wouldn't and gave her and her pets some welcome relief. This is what we do at the Battered Animals Agency-we help those that cannot help themselves. Last year she had payment difficulties and her water and electric were shut off for a period. Imagine that happening to you, while you have pets to take care of. Thank you very much to the few helpful souls that care enough to part with a few bucks. Without you it wouldn't be possible.

Cool Neighborhood on a Hot Day

May 11, 2011
It happened. The neighborhood off south German Church road about a mile south of Walmart was in no mood to be bothered by charitable donations on Tuesday. Not one person donated. Not one.

Promises, promises, promises

May 10, 2011
I hope you folks that promised to mail the Battered Animals Agency a check do so. That's why we get out and canvass the area. Because the checks just aren't rolling in. The representative on the street is the one bringing the donations in and we certainly believe that some of the promises are benign. Please good people, we need help, it's no idle cause. These pets are in imminent danger of losing their homes and being shunted off to a shelter.  Giving a quarter is better than an empty promise. Thank you.

Promises, promises, promises

May 10, 2011


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