We couldn't raise enough in time to get the medical treatment Squiggy needed. The tumor on his leg was cancerous and ithad spread to his bowel. He died from several causes including infection and internal bleeding.
He was taken to a vet for euthanasia several days ago. The cost to put Squiggy down was $180. The charge was for euthanasia and cremation. The owner wanted but could not afford to keep Squiggy's ashes as the expense would've been around 300 additional dollars.
We are happy that Squiggy died surrounded by the people that loved him and cared for him and we will be forever grateful to the kind folks that pulled money out of their pockets to help a dog that they did not know. the Battered Animals Agency is now concentrating on a fund raiser for another dog that is in danger of being put on the wayside in a time of need. His name is Mojo and he could use some help. We do not want any more pets to die if there is a chance to save them.
Thank you very much for your generosity.