Who Are We

The Battered Animals Agency is a small alliance devoted to the wonderful rescuers and their pets. We can't let them down. We are dedicated to keeping pets with the families they are currently with. This charitable drive was born out of necessity because we experienced the heartbreak of losing a dear pet because of the inability to pay for an operation that may have given him several more wonderful years with his family. We tried but just couldn't come up with enough in time. Many pets are in dire need of veterinary care, of which the rescuer and foster caregiver can no longer afford due to several unfortunate circumstances, like loss of job; injury and divorce. 

Perhaps our familial approach might set us apart from many animal advocate groups. Yes, we work out of the rescuer's home.

However, we are sure other organizations similar to ours are formed from love and compassion and have gone through financial difficulties as we are currently experiencing. 

We cannot yet afford lavish fund raisers and even our efforts to legitamize our organization have been slow in coming so we must beg and plead to the good folks of Indy at their door to help us.

We sincerely apologize if knocking on your door disturbed or upset you. We did not intend to do so.

Please give whatever you can afford to give when one of our reps visits you. He/she doesn't want to bother you any more than what is necessary.

Thank you very much.

We are not quite tax-exempt yet. (as of April 6th, 2012) Your donation is not tax deductable at this time. We are currently trying to save for the IRS tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) fee ($800) but it is beyond the scope of our income right now. 

We therefore understand what might go through your mind; not being legitamite, it's a scam, it's a con; etc. We hear it almost every day and concede that it is understandable for people to speculate in this manner. We all have wondered where our cash donations end up going. However, we are real and almost every penny goes to help these pets eat, avoid shelters, sickness, and homelessness. 

We are currently in need of a computer.

We are also in need of a volunteer Board of Directors. If you can spare a few hours every three months to attend a meeting (the meeting can be done over the telephone) please contact us at :




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