Our Mission

To keep the pet in it's home. And to make it possible for families totally reliant upon state aid to have a pet. Because the city and county animal shelters are continuously overburdened and understaffed we want to act now to help alleviate the growing problem of too many animals and not enough shelters. We want to turn loving homes into permanent loving sheleters.

Instead of putting an abandoned animal in a cage inside a crowded shelter to await what might be death we are looking to keep the pets in their rescuer's homes. These are loving families and we want  rescuing to succeed, even if financial times become overburdensome. 


We want to be able to assist anyone who wants a pet but cannot afford one. In the near future we would love to pay for every expense a pet may incur so that even the very poor can enjoy the comfort and emotional bonanza of a loving animal. 


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